With years of experience as accomplished interior designer, Sophie Auscher brings her sensitivity and acute personal touch to her selection of colors and forms in each bespoke piece she creates.

Cups, vases, candlesticks are all handmade in Paris, France.

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vase Double  H24 x D22 cm

assiettes Gato  D18 cm

coupes Joseph H8 x D16 cm

vase Pablo  H32 x D12 cm

bols David H8 x D17 cm

bols Alex H8 x D16 cm

platplat Sean x D16 cm

coupe Gregory H9 x D20 cm 

coupe Uno H11 x D15 cm

coupe Maud H8 x D21 cm

coupe Delphine H7 x D21 cm

vase Juliette H14 x D13,5 cm

vase Anna H17 x D11 cm

bougeoir Laurens H29 cm 

bougeoir Ettore H29 cm 

bougeoirs Les temps modernes H29 cm 

lampe Quartet H26 x D13 cm 

lampe Jazz H32 x D9 cm