Following her studies at the Penninghen Academy (ESAG) and a number of professional collaborations with other design agencies, Sophie Auscher came together with Isabelle Hebey, known for her work on the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutiques, ministerial offices at Bercy and the Grande Arche de la Défense. After numerous years working alongside Madame Hebey, Sophie became her second-in-command and eventually succeeded her as head of the agency.

Sophie founded her own agency in 1995 and quickly established herself through her elegant designs, her professional rigor and her unparalleled attention to detail.

“For me each project is a journey in which I am fully invested and thoroughly immersed. This demands intuition, active listening and abundant enthusiasm.”

Sophie’s style is minimalist, colorful and contemporary, and always very warm; it is a style that transcends trends. “I am not looking for the passing fad or the dramatic, but rather to create durable spaces.” This quiet sophistication is revealed in Sophie’s mastery of proportions and fine details, as well as through the choice of materials and colors.

Refined and pragmatic, Sophie is particularly focused on the organization of the space, the flow of traffic and the harmony of diverse styles, for which she has a natural flair.

“I love combining disparate elements: it is my observation that beauty always complements beauty.”

Sophie’s work brings together high and low; masculine and feminine are both intertwined and aligned.Whether designing apartments, offices or boutiques, Sophie’s practical side comes through in her thoughtful attention to access, lighting and storage, continually seeking a sense of well-being.“I act not as an intruder, but as a go-between who guides and walks my clients through each step of a project.” Each of Sophie’s projects, from the design conception to overseeing its execution, whether in France or abroad, also extends to designing furniture and other decorative choices.

As an interior designer with a true passion for design, Sophie deftly synthesizes aesthetics with functionality as she creates timeless spaces in which to work or to live - spaces that convey a sense of well-being.


Respect each clients’ wishes and personality.

Listen to and understand the expectations of the client to be able to give form to their aspirations.

Support my clients in their choices and as they contemplate their options, without imposing my views.

Keep the clients’ budget in mind from the very beginning of the design process and propose an appropriate project.

Fuse together beauty and function.

Optimize unused space, open up new perspectives, bring out the grandeur of the volumes.

Conceive a unifying thread to harmonize the space, a theme that ties everything together.

Demonstrate an uncompromising attention for details and finishing touches.

Have in place a network of knowledgeable and skilled trade professionals who share my work ethic and pride in a project done well.

Honor my commitments and meet deadlines.

Ensure that my clients feel at home in their space – homes should look like the people who live there!


We take charge of all phases of a design project, including:

1/ Draw up an accurate inventory

2/ Preliminary Design stage: conceive of the design, propose a layout and planning, prepare conceptual plans using a 1:50 scaled model, share sketches, ideas and perspectives, discuss ambiance, colors and materials.

3/ Detailed Project Proposal stage: Once the client has approved a design, this next stage is to finalize all technical designs using 1:20 or 1:25 scaled model plans (including plans for demolition, masonry, electricity, ceiling, etc.), as well as all elevations and other features (such as closets, wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom fittings, etc.). We will also define the colors and materials during this stage.

4/ Draw up detailed design specifications with all the choices of materials and selected options.

5/ Review these plans and design specifications with trade professionals to minimalize any additional costs once the work is underway.

6/ Evaluate estimates, compare all options, commence procurement.

7/ Supervise the work in progress with weekly meetings to respond to any problems that come up or to deal with any unexpected matters. Share progress reports. Supervise handover of completed work.

8/ Decoration: select fabrics, choose the furniture, design and produce any bespoke furniture.